Games and Sports

Annual Sports Mela Jan 23

Mukand Lal National college, Yamuna Nagar is an educational institution which is considered to be a trend-setter in this part of the country. In 1984 a Sports Mela was organized on January 23 by our ‘troika’: Seth Ashok Kumar, Chairman, College Managing Committee. One can see young boys and girls drawn from all the different education institutions of this region and other institutions being run by the ‘SETH JAI PARKASH MUKAND LAL INSTITUTIONS OF KNOWLEDGE & SERVICE. It affords an opportunity to all the ‘Mukandians’ to assemble at one place and under one banner. This moving spectacle of oneness is an experience that leaves a lasting imprint on one’s mind. The Mela has succeeded in popularizing sports to such an extent in this part of the country that even grey-haired veterans come forward to participate in races. It is heartening to note that the Mela is getting bigger and brighter every year, attracting sports lovers from far and wide to its fold.

Mass races form one of the highlights of the Mela. The races are held a day earlier on January 22. These races are so planned as to encourage mass participation. You may be a student or not, but you must be a sports’ lover to be able to take part in these races.