Entrepreneurship Development Club Organized an Event “Sanyukt”

Entrepreneurship Development Club of Mukand Lal National College has organized an event“Sanyukt” on 26th March 2019. The event was a fun event which included games that the co-ordination skills among students. Event was also collaborated with the science department. Two students of BSc IT final year Sagar Rana and SumitVishnoi has launched a website Daddycash.Com through which one cash book party halls, P.G. etc. They created this website and launched in college with the support of Entrepreneurship Development Club, IT Department and Computer Department of the college.
In this event EDC Coordinator Prof. Parveen Khurana, EDC President Durgesh Kumar, H.O.D. of IT Department – Dr. Gulshan Sethi and Prof. Gurmeet Singh and Rashmi(Computer Department) are also to motivate and support them.
Event started with a warm welcome and brief Introduction of Event. There were total four teams consisting eight members each out of four ‘Alpna’ team was winner there were total five games which listed management and coordinator of EDC team who throughout the event supported students. Last but not the least a special thanks to Dr. Manohar Goel and Prof. Jitender Singh who were present in event for moral support. All the teachers of Commerce Department and the club President Durgesh Kumar are also there to motivate the participants. The moto of this event was to explore entrepreneurship skills of the students by developing informal relationship, with their superiors, sub-ordinates and peers to work efficiently and abide to leader.